Business Overview

One-stop new retail business operation service provider with big data as the core
One-stop new retail business operation service provider with big data as the core

CST is a service provider dedicated to providing one-stop business solutions for e-commerce for shopping malls and retail brands.
For shopping mall customers, we provide points mall SaaS services and generation operation services, supply chain configuration, warehousing and distribution, customer service and other comprehensive services. We are rooted in the evolution of the business model of big data, and work hard in various areas of the supply chain. In combination with online and offline technology, the core asset of the shopping mall membership system creates the greatest value; for retail brand customers, we provide store operations, digital marketing, warehousing and distribution, customer service, offline pop-up stores, etc 5 major contents, including the provision of the brand's official mall, Tmall and, and the social mobile mall, WeChat mini-program mall, offline smart store and other omni-channel construction. Provide customized solutions for partners, create the perfect shopping experience for consumers, and build a bridge between business and consumers.

Cst's Mission Vision

CST's mission: to provide a realizable O2O new retail solution.
CST's vision: a business partner dedicated to providing All-in-one e-commerce solutions for shopping malls and brands worldwide.

New retail
Mission Vision

Brand Resources

Massive high-quality retail brand resources, one-click to solve the problem of difficult investment, directly and effectively expand the shopping mall's operating volume and retail categories, attract and retain your customers.


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